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The Isabella Cat Clinic is the premier feline-only practice located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan owned and operated by Dr. Catherine Lindstrand, DVM for over 20 years.




Our office provides yearly healthy pet examinations as well as problem exams for pets exhibiting signs and symptoms that indicate they may not be feeling their best. Dr. Lindstrand is especially passionate about providing the highest quality of medicine for our senior kitties!




All of our surgeries are performed with a CO2 Laser. Laser surgery results in less pain, bleeding, and inflammation, and also results in a faster recovery process than the traditional methods. We also have a Class IV therapeutic laser to help aid in post-operative healing! 



Though we are not a full service grooming facility, we do offer a number of grooming services, such as shaving or combing to remove mats, sanitary trims, herbal and medicated baths, and full lion cuts. Most lion cuts are done under anesthesia.


We are happy to offer your cat a place to stay while you are away! Our boarding space is separate from our hospital space, and features large windows, spacious cages and kitty condos, and a TV for comforting background noise. Boarders receive a complimentary nail trim and flea check upon intake, and their weight is taken daily throughout their stay. You also have the option to choose from a number of add-on’s to make your cats stay with us more comfortable, including but not limited to daily brushing, extended playtime, or a catnip pillow.  All boarders are fed a grain free canned and dry food diet during their stay with us. Boarding is only offered for current clients who's cats receive veterinary care through our office.



Oral hygiene plays an important role in your pet's health. Poor dental health can not only cause bad breath, inflammation, and pain but did you know oral hygiene also impacts the health of the heart, liver, and kidneys? Isabella Cat Clinic offers full dental services, including dental radiographs, dental cleanings, tooth extractions, and gingival work!



Did you know that we offer housecalls and home visits to our clients? We are happy to offer house call appointments for those pet owners who have difficulty getting to the office and for those patients that are much more comfortable being examined and treated in the home. Please note there is an additional charge for this service and arrangements must be made ahead of time. Our sister practice, Animal Hospice of Mid-Michigan, also performs housecalls and provides in-home hospice and quality of life assessments for those with a referral from their primary veterinarian.


We are happily accepting new clients again! Please click on the blue document symbol to fill out new client forms! 



Our office offers full diagnostic services, including but not limited to blood testing, ultrasound, digital radiology services, allergy testing  and pathology services.



Emergency and after hour services are available to all of our clients! Please note that all patients seen on an emergency basis must be current on rabies and distemper vaccinations,  be spayed or neutered, and they must have been seen within the last year. There is also an emergency fee that will be applied to your visit. Emergency services are not available after hours to non-clients.



1635 E. Broomfield St. 

Suite G

Mount Pleasant, MI 48858



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday (surgeries only)

8:00am - 6:00pm






Thank you for choosing Isabella Cat Clinic!


We know how much your cat is loved, and we feel privileged that you have chosen us to provide for your feline friend’s health and well-being. Here at Isabella Cat Clinic, we offer a wide range of care and services for your feline, including preventative care for all life stages, surgical and dental services, laboratory diagnostics, pharmaceutical services, and 24 hour emergency care for our clients. We also offer acupuncture and laser services to all species via our sister practice, All Natural Veterinary Care.


Here at Isabella Cat Clinic we believe that all lives matter. Our primary focus is on proactive care versus reactive care. Although there are times when we must react to disease, illness, or injury, we find that much of the time these ailments can be prevented through routine examination and vaccination on an annual basis, as well as diagnostic testing for sub-clinical diseases.  At Isabella Cat Clinic we use the latest diagnostic and patient monitoring technology. Our staff is professional, highly trained, and most of all loves animals! Our ultimate goal at Isabella Cat Clinic is to provide your feline family member with quality medicine to ensure that they live long, happy, healthy lives!


By choosing a feline-exclusive practice for your feline family member, you will have access to specialized care in an environment that is specifically designed for your cats comfort. A traditional veterinary office can be frightening for a cat, especially when there are barking dogs! By eliminating the sight, smell, and sound of dogs and other animals, we are able to reduce some of the fear and anxiety associated with veterinary visits. As a staff we are trained on feline behavior, and know how to approach and handle your kitty in a way that minimizes stress and discomfort throughout the visit. Your cat's health and comfort are of the utmost importance to us!


Isabella Cat Clinic’s mission is  to provide our patients and clients with the highest-quality care. For this reason, we accept a variety of payment methods including:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express

  • Care Credit

  • Pet Insurance- PetPlan Insurance, VPI Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet insurance,  Trupanion Medical Insurance

Please note that all payment is due in full at the time of service!

Thanks for submitting!

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