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Adoption Success Stories

Dr. Lindstrand has been adopting out cats and kittens through the Isabella Feline Adoption & Wildlife Center for over 20 years. Read some of our success stories below!  


Atlas formerly Abbott

We started our search for a new family member at Isabella Cat Clinic because they have been amazing with us through our elderly cat's health problems and we knew that Dr. Lindstrand and her staff would be patient and help us through the process of finding the perfect cat for us. We were very lucky to have asked about adoption shortly after a pair of kittens were left at the office. When we first met Atlas he was the sweetest little kitten, he immediately cuddled up to anyone who picked him up. Since bringing him home Atlas has grown into an amazing companion and he's always ready to curl up and cuddle or play like a wild cat. We are forever grateful to Dr. Lindstrand and her staff for helping us find Atlas.

- Lucy & Devon



Willow is a true adoption success story! I met her at the Isabella Cat Clinic when I came with my sister to her cat's check-up. 8-yr old Willow had diabetes, and her previous owner could not take care of her. Thank goodness Dr. Lindstrand refused to have her euthanized, and put her up for adoption, and in the interim providing her with insulin, monitored her blood sugar, and fed her a special diet, so she was glowingly healthy, and her personality shined through. One look in her eyes and I fell in love. The ICC staff taught me everything I needed to do at home to control her diabetes, and made sure she had all her tests and procedures(rabies, etc). They encouraged me to visit her a few times before the adoption to make sure we bonded. It meant a lot to me that they took the time to make sure Willow was going to a loving home. After I adopted her, Willow was frightened at first (the first 2 weeks she mainly hid under my bed), but she soon built up trust, and now she is the most affectionate, playful, and sweetest little kitty I could ever hope for. She is my constant companion. I feel like a won the lottery.


Na'vi & Noel

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We had lost our previous kitty Ayla to cancer, and when we were ready we decided to adopt two cats who would keep each other company when we were out of the house. We met Na'Vi and Noel at Isabella Cat Clinic. They were "sisters," previously owned by a woman who passed away with the hope that they would be adopted together. We were happy to give Na'Vi and Noel a home with us. Both are friendly and loving -- they love us and tolerate each other, just like siblings. 


Cathy Willermet and family

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